It’s nearly impossible to regularly exercise without hearing somebody tell you, “No pain, no gain!” It’s important that you take this mantra in context. It is supposed to push you to work harder and keep going when your muscles are burning. It is not supposed to mean that you should keep doing something that could lead to injury.

Slow Down

Despite the temptation to prove that you’re tough, you need to slow down if an exercise is causing pain beyond muscle burn. Abnormal pain like that is a sign of an underlying problem that could potentially lead to an injury. Exercise pain can often mean that a ligament, tendon, or bone is taking more strain than normal because your muscles are worn out. According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, if you keep going, you could tear your ligaments and tendons or cause a stress fracture in the bone.

See a Doctor

If the issue persists or is incredibly painful you should see a doctor. You may not like going to the doctor, but there may be an underlying condition that requires serious attention. Don’t just assume that you know what is going on. Self-diagnosis usually tends to be wrong. Depending on what your doctor says, you may need to go see a specialist to have your condition evaluated. According to Podium, is among the top medical listing sites for specialized services. You can use this site to find someone that meets your needs.

Adjust Your Diet

According to Ultimate Performance, some exercise pain can be caused by a poor diet. If you aren’t eating correctly, your body won’t have the proper nutrients to replenish the natural breakdown of tissue caused by exercising. In essence, poor diet plus exercise can cause your body to fall apart. In some cases, you may think that you have a good diet but not even realize you have a nutrient deficiency. If you are a serious exerciser, it can be worth your time and money to go see a nutritionist. They can help craft a nutrition plan that meets your needs. This will help prevent a dietary problem from occurring.

If you want to see improvements in your physical performance, you must work hard. That hard work needs to be more than just in the gym. You need to work hard to understand your body. You should know your limits and the rest that you need. You also need to understand your energy and nutrient requirements. If you do all these things, then you will see the results you desire.

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Contact us to get help starting your exercise journey!