Weightlifting is an important part of physical fitness, but you’re missing out if it is the only physical activity you do. Now is the perfect time to add in something else! Having various exercises in your life can help you to have more balance and to increase your overall fitness. Here are a few great options to help you supplement your weight-lifting routine with a variety of great exercises.

Yoga or Pilates 

Adding yoga or pilates to your routine can give your body the flexibility you need to do everyday tasks and more. Sometimes muscles can get stiff and store from weightlifting and shaking things up with a yoga or pilates class will keep you flexible and agile, less likely to strain something. These classes can also be a great place to meet new people and give yourself an extra layer of accountability. There are many different yoga and pilates classes out there so you can choose an option that is tailored to your experience and your needs.


Swimming is another great option that can really supplement your weightlifting practice. One of the great things about swimming is that it is a full body workout but also low impact. Because swimming is easy on the joints, it makes a great exercise for seniors and those in recovery. Getting out to the pool is something you can do easily on your own, with a buddy, or even as part of a team. All of these options give you the chance to continue working out while also giving your body room to recover if you need it.


Another great option can be getting on a stationary or regular bike and start cycling. This kind of cardio workout can help you to build endurance and even give you a quick way to get around town without hopping in your car. If you want to pump up your cycling, you can join a cycling group or even just sign up for a spin class. This will give you the opportunity to make friends and motivate you to improve your endurance and speed.

Varying your workout routine can make working out more fun and give you a little bit of variety to keep things fresh. Different workouts will also help you to keep your body in balance. Make sure that you are eating well and drinking enough water so that you can really maximize what you get from your exercise!

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