You want to begin working out. Perhaps you already work out. You read up on the subject, including what to eat before and after the exercise. Your head is spinning from all the different takes on the subject. You wonder if this is such a good idea after all. Healthy is always a good idea. That’s why you want to work out.

So if you have your workout routine, your workout gear, and your motivation, you can finally look towards optimizing your diet. Eating before a workout gives the body the energy to exercise. Eating after a workout replaces the carbs needed for energy that you just burned off without gaining any more weight. You’ll need them to get through the rest of your day. Here is why organic foods are best for your workout diet.

About Organic

Strict rules govern organic food producers. Their land must rest for three years to wash all signs of pesticides, hormones, GMO, and other toxins from the soil before they can start farming. They must use strictly organic means of pest control and weed killing. Their animals must not be fed from traditional animal feeds. When they do use pesticides, they must be naturally derived from plants.

The lesson from this is that pesticides, hormones, and GMO enter your body through your food. They then change the way your natural hormones do their work. So if you want a clean body, you have to eat clean. For instance, there are different types of organic products you can eat such as pasture raised eggs.

Why is Organic Food Good for Us?

In the last 50 years, the soil used to grow our food has been leached of all its nutrients and are not replaced. Studies have shown that sustainably grown organic foods are more nutritious. Most of the extra nutrients are flavonoids, from which antioxidants are derived.

Heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids are being found in grass-fed animals and their products such as milk, butter, yogurts, and eggs. They are also found in food like salmon, which is full of Omega-3s, if you’re not a fan of dairy or yogurts. These are the organic foods recommended for before and after workout meals and snacks. Toxic metals, bacteria, and pesticide residue are the main dangers of traditionally raised foods. There is some evidence that some of these may not be present in organically raised foods.

There Are Different Types Of Organic Products You Can Eat

Pasture-raised eggs contain all nine amino acids the body needs and can’t produce for itself. And if you want to build muscle? Eat an egg. Three to seven eggs each week are recommended for people who want to put in effort to muscle-building, to start.

Grass fed cow milk is good for teeth and bones, but did you know that when you don’t drink enough of it, your body releases hormones that cause your cells to hoard calcium and fat? Drink three glasses a day if you can. Grass-fed beef contains many nutrients, including amino acids, that you’ll get up to ten percent of the daily recommended amounts of dozens of nutrients. More cuts of beef are leaner than ever before. Eat three to four servings each week.

Yogurt from grass-fed cattle is high in calcium, but it also contains the good bacteria that prevent illness. Yogurt promotes fat burning. Three servings of dairy a day are recommended. Whole grains like oats and quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic meats like pasture-raised turkeys, chicken, and beef are excellent organic foods for your workout diet.


Making a significant switch to organic and natural foods can be a great change for your overall health, and should pay off in no time. It might take some significant efforts and it might even seem a little more pricey, but in the long run, the healthy lifestyle you’ll be adopting will be far worth it.