Physical therapy has gained many positive views in recent years. It has been shown to help with many chronic pain problems that were once treated with narcotics. Even for relatively minor diagnoses, physical therapy can help improve your posture, your motivation and your frame of mind simply by stretching and moving your body or working with your physical therapist on a prescribed modality.

Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

If your pain refuses to go away with OTC pain relievers, a heating pad or ice pack or even prescription painkillers, there could be more to your pain that needs addressing. A few visits to a physical therapist could help you to manage or resolve your pain entirely. According to Podium, you can use review sites such as HealthGrades to find a physical therapist that fits your needs.

You’ve Stopped Reaching Your Fitness Goals

You used to up your reps periodically when you went to the gym, or maybe you pushed your run time every week or so training for that marathon. According to Refinery29, when you stop being able to reach realistic physical goals, it could be time to see a professional. A physical therapist will be able to explain how your body is reacting to your particular stress on muscles and bones. She will also be able to help you with a routine to eliminate the wall that you hit when trying to reach new goals.

It Has Become Difficult to Do Everyday Activities

According to Cleveland Clinic, as you get older you might be finding that your body creaks and aches with movements that never used to bother you. It’s not only aging that can cause these problems though. If you find that the act of everyday activities around the house or your job are more difficult to do than they used to be, a physical therapist can probably help you to improve your movement with exercises prescribed specifically for your situation. In the event that your condition is something that physical therapy is not able to improve, your therapist may be able to help you accommodate your limitations with new movements or helpful devices.

Physical therapy can be helpful to your mind as well as your body. A knowledgeable and caring therapist will be able to listen to you, examine you and help find the right treatment options that will be a good fit for you.

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