If your favorite season is autumn, then you’re probably intimately familiar with cloves. Did you know that, in addition to flavoring some of your favorite drinks and pies, cloves also have a number of amazing health benefits? It’s true! Let’s cover three of these natural health benefits cloves possess so that you can know exactly how these unassuming little herbs help you.

Regulate Hunger

It’s not just all the great food they’re used in that makes you feel full. Cloves themselves have a number of benefits when it comes to regulating hunger and helping with digestion, helping to keep you from overeating or experiencing stomach problems. Ingesting cloves can assist in the secretion of digestive fluids as well as settle upset stomachs and soothe gastrointestinal distress. There’s also some research that indicates cloves may help to prevent ulcers.

Balance Blood Sugar

If you’re diabetic or trying to manage your blood sugar, cloves might be able to help. Clove extract was shown in laboratory tests to help increase the secretion of insulin and improve the function of insulin-secreting cells, effectively making it easier for diabetics to manage blood sugar spikes. It also helped to increase the uptake of sugars into cells. While it’s unlikely that chowing down on a whole pumpkin pie will be able to counteract your condition, regular ingestion of cloves could help to improve diabetes, along with a good diet and exercise.

Tooth Infections

Given that cloves are ingested orally, it’s no surprise that the mouth can also benefit from this herb. In this case, tooth infections are one of the conditions that cloves may be able to assist in treating. Cloves contain anti-inflammatory agents that help with the swelling and puffiness from a tooth infection. If you need to undergo any kind of dental treatment to clear your infection, cloves can also help post-procedure by reducing the swelling it causes in the mouth, meaning you’ll be back in top condition that much sooner. Of course, as an anti-inflammatory, cloves can also benefit other kinds of injuries in the body besides just those concerning the teeth, making them even more versatile and useful.

Cloves are an extremely tasty and helpful herb in and out of the kitchen. If you’re experiencing health problems or would just like to explore the world of homeopathic medicine, consider these three uses for cloves that can benefit your health.

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