The Best No-Equipment Workouts

Exercise can come in many shapes and forms. It looks different for everyone, so it’s important to find what works for our schedule and our overall physical needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best workouts that require just your body, and a positive attitude.



One of the most convenient forms of exercise is running. Tie on your sneakers and head to a local park, or even just around the block. Running is a great way to relieve any stress or anxiety while also getting your blood pumping. Make sure you pay attention to your pace and keep your goals in mind. Some health benefits of running include strengthening leg muscles, increasing bone density while preventing high blood pressure, and more.



Pilates is the hidden gem of no-equipment workouts. You will see your body strengthen in ways it’s never been before, while only using your own bodyweight. Pilates improves flexibility and increases overall core muscle strength. It’s a type of exercise that connects the body and mind to correct your breathing while working all muscles of the body. Most pilates movements are performed in a seated or reclining position as it can also aid others with physical therapy.


HIIT Workouts:

High-intensity interval training has steadily become one of the most popular forms of exercise, especially for people with limited time and busy schedules. These workouts use only your bodyweight and allow you to burn through calories in 20 minutes or less. HIIT also improves your oxygen consumption while allowing you to lose more fat. Pick a part of the body you’d like to target and watch your strength improve drastically. Be consistent and continue to sprinkle in other cardio workouts as well.


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