Our collective sexual health is deteriorating rapidly. The average sperm count in America, for example, is rapidly declining across all demographic groups. Several factors are to blame for this trend. If you are looking to take control of your sexual health and recover the vigor of earlier days, then consider making these crucial changes to your diet.

Diet Controls Health

As the old saying goes, we are what we eat. The key to all health, sexual and otherwise, is diet. The science is increasingly clear that the single most important thing that people can do for their health is to optimize their diet. To specifically target sexual health, try cutting out the late-night snacks. Your body needs off-time from digestion to optimize hormone levels that are crucial for sexual health, including sex hormones like testosterone. You can boost your testosterone by cutting out snacks late at night. Aim for 16 hours of fasting a day, called intermittent fasting, to turn your sex-hormone production into high gear.

What Your Body Needs

Equip yourself with all the macro and micronutrients that you need for optimal sexual health. Many of us do not get our daily recommended protein intake, which is a major barrier to good sexual health. Aside from working plenty of natural protein sources like lean meat and nuts into your daily routine, you might want to consider supplementing your protein intake with a powder. Adding a scoop of protein to a morning glass of milk or post-workout shake is a great way to add 20 to 40 grams to your daily intake. This protein is used by athletes as well to build muscle mass and gain endurance.

Processed Foods

Food sold in convenience stores across the nation is killing our sexual health. In addition to containing very little nutritional value, processed food is usually littered with a number of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. Pastries, chips, candies, sodas, and flavored dairy products are just a few of the processed foods that can wreck your reproductive health. During snack time, try swapping out your favorite processed snack for nuts like cashews or almonds. Better yet, reach for some pumpkin seeds — the high zinc content works wonders for men’s and women’s sex drives.

You don’t need to settle for poor sexual health. When you make a few dietary adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to improving your function and performance. Your partner is sure to notice the difference in the bedroom.

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