You know that you need more exercise, especially after the sedentary world of yet another wave of pandemic. Being cooped up during a swelteringly hot summer didn’t help either! But, all of your old exercise routines seem dull and lifeless. You need a chance to try something new and invigorating. How can you begin diversifying your exercise routine, so it’s not just…well, routine?

Start Using New Equipment

Don’t panic: this isn’t a request to purchase with massive dollar signs attached!  There are lots of great ways to try, borrow, or purchase used equipment. Besides thrift stores, which often receive huge volumes of perfectly good equipment in late summers and autumn (which is furthest from January’s buying frenzy), there are also online sales such as Craigslist or Marketplace. Your friends on social media might be more than willing to loan or trade as well! Trying new things keeps exercise fresh, and helps you find and work on muscles which you had forgotten about (ouch, but only temporarily)!

Try Low-Intensity Workouts

According to Beyond Yoga, practicing yoga twice a day for a week can improve your skills even more. Often it can be tempting to think that one high intensity, sweltering activity (like an hour and a half of dehydrating hot yoga) is better than smaller sessions, but this isn’t the case! More importantly, you’re more likely to stick to an activity or routine that you enjoy, rather than tolerate or suffer through. Find a yoga, stretching routine, aerobics option, or other low intensity choice, and move your body with kindness and mercy towards all of your parts.

Watch Where You Walk

One of the best options in fall, walking not only strengthens muscles, but gives you beautiful outdoor scenery as the Mayo Clinic points out. If you can find a park to walk in, that’s a lovely option. Many people enjoy walking around ponds as well, because not only the scenery, but wildlife changes as the seasons change. Walking outdoors is lovely, but walking outdoors while watching blue herons catch fish, and turtles stack up on each other in the sunshine is a much better experience.

Your health depends upon your body being as strong as possible. There’s no bad side to strengthening your lungs, either! Make sure that you start slowly, and find something you love. You’re much more likely to stick with your exercise of choice if you enjoy it! Your body and mind will both thank you for your extra care!

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