Most people want to obtain the fountain of youth to maintain their vitality as they age and get older. Although it may be impossible to stay young forever, there are ways to keep your body younger than the candles on your cake with a few changes that are made to your lifestyle. Here are a few practices and habits to begin integrating into your schedule to remain youthful and energized each day.

Exercise Regularly

Staying physically active is integral to remaining flexible and mobile with age. Studies show that regular exercise slows down the aging process by maintaining muscle mass, cholesterol levels, and immunity. Exercising reduces the risk of ailments that can develop over time due to a lack of mobility and can also reduce the risk of obesity, which is linked to many health conditions. Consider participating in physical activities that you enjoy, which can include jogging, playing tennis, or cycling. Switch up your routine regularly to keep it exciting and fun.

Eat Better

Your diet will ultimately determine how well you age, which makes it necessary to consume nutrient-dense foods that can contribute to a youthful body. According to ASEA, as we age, cell communication breaks down, and gene expression can be disrupted. Cellular aging can be promoted in the body by consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It’s important to limit your sugar intake and avoid eating processed foods, which lack proper nutrients. Superfoods that are known to reduce the aging process include broccoli, spinach, nuts, avocado, red bell pepper, blueberries, and papaya.

Get Enough Sleep

According to Healthy Sleep Texas, it’s important to make your rest a priority if you want to age well. Sleeping is when the body has time to replenish and rejuvenate, especially during the second stage when you’re deep sleeping. Any damage that has occurred to the skin is reversed, and it’s also when free radicals are dissolved to reduce the risk of developing diseases or health conditions. You can get enough sleep by aiming for seven to eight hours each night to allow yourself to reset and maintain your energy levels.

There are many ways to feel and look younger by making the right lifestyle changes. These changes are easy to make too. By changing your diet for the better, improving your sleep habits, and getting a bit of exercise, you can keep your body younger and increase your lifespan.

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