Did you know that only 56% of people think that they’re in good or excellent health? Most people know that anyone in excellent health probably has a workout routine that’s contributing to their fitness level. Exercise is a key part of having a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes exercise itself may not be enough. So how can you rework your own fitness routine to make sure that your workouts work for you?

Take a Holistic Approach

Whether you’ve had an exercise routine down for years or you’re new to the game, it’s always beneficial to take stock of where you are. Everybody tends to gravitate towards their strengths, but with exercise a holistic approach is best. Don’t just spend all your time on the treadmill or lifting weights—The Sports Bank recommends you mix things up to overcome plateaus and reach new heights. It’s also a good idea to mix some low-impact activity into your routine such as stretching or yoga. The idea of a holistic approach is that you aim to make your whole body fit and strong instead of concentrating on just one area.

Work With a Trainer

If you’ve never worked with a personal trainer before, it’s definitely something you want to consider. The benefits of a trainer are numerous. Trainers can often tailor a fitness plan to your goals and specifications. People often perform better when they are accountable to someone, so trainers may have the benefit of making you actually do a harder workout. Working with a trainer doesn’t have to just be one-on-one, either. Joining a small group class can have many of the same benefits, and the instructors can help you improve your routines. According to Beyond Yoga Retreat, practicing yoga with an instructor, for instance, can lead to dramatic improvements.

Keep It Consistent

The greatest workout ever won’t actually benefit you that much unless it’s done consistently. Consistency is key to many things in life, and exercise is no exception. If you’re having trouble sticking to an exercise routine, Everyday Health recommends taking a step back and assessing the main problems. Is your membership to a gym that’s too far away from you? Maybe ditch it for a closer one. Do you plan to workout in the morning and then frequently sleep in? Try switching your exercise slot to another time of day.

Workouts can be so revitalizing, if done right. But whatever your workout routine is, there’s always room for improvement. Make sure that you reevaluate every now and then get the most you can out of your workout.

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