If you struggle to get to the gym on time to get in a good workout, setting up an appointment with a buddy can be very motivating. Your workout buddy can encourage you on low days, and you can do the same for him or her. A workout partner can also turn into a great friend.

Putting Yourself Out There

If your daily visit to the gym includes a smile and a conversation with someone who’s always pleasant, ask if that person might be interested in group training or a class. You can enjoy the benefits of working with a professional trainer at a reduced rate and spend time with a fun, friendly person. Make sure to let the trainer know what your favorite moves are, and define any physical limitations early. Encourage your buddy to share this information as well. With this information, your trainer can put together a workout that will push both you and your buddy into a stronger, more effective workout program.

Create Opportunities

If you’ve heard co-workers talk about losing weight or eating a bit better, consider inviting them to join you for a workout. You can also tap into their competitive tendencies by setting up a fitness challenge. Fitness challenges are a great motivator and you can set one up at work. The most important thing to remember about fitness goals is that everyone has his or her own challenges. The goal isn’t to get as strong as your co-worker. The goal is to be stronger tomorrow than you were yesterday. Make sure that your challenge includes lots of positive support. Be ready to be a cheerleader for anyone trying to improve his or her health.

Choose a Cheerful Buddy

If your workout buddy is a complainer, your workouts will become a downer. For those who like to exercise early in the day, working out with a night owl will just frustrate both of you. Seek out a workout buddy or a workout group that you can really rely on and who are looking for the same things. Set up a schedule that works for everyone in the group, and be ready to send out a reminder the day before.

Finding the time and energy to exercise is difficult. By seeking out pleasant folks who are ready to share a laugh during a workout, you can make your workouts more fun. You’ll also have a great reason to go to the gym, even when you don’t feel like it.

Finding a workout buddy can help motivate you to stay consistent with your exercise routine. In the same way, a personal trainer can help you to stay focused on your fitness and health goals.