Your health and fitness are one of the most important aspects of your life that you need to nurture and support. Your health impacts your freedom, abilities, and day to day struggles, and will impact your life more and more as you age. The best way to protect your health for your adult life to live a healthy life is to get regular exercise. Having a smart and balanced workout plan is critical for giving your body the stimulus it needs to get stronger and healthier. Here are three tips to help you to create a balanced workout plan for yourself.

Include Weightlifting

The first thing that you must do to create a balanced workout plan is to include weightlifting in your program. While weightlifting may not be your absolute favorite thing in the world, that doesn’t mean you can choose to ignore it. As you age your muscles will deteriorate, decreasing your strength, and eventually your ability to walk, stand, and perform physical activity without fatigue. Lifting weights helps you increase and maintain your muscle mass so that you have the strength you need for your entire lifetime without having to worry.

Do Cardio Exercises

Another important aspect of any good and balanced workout plan is including regular cardio exercise. Your heart is a muscle too, and cardiovascular exercise is how you work out that muscle. If you don’t keep your heart strong and healthy, you run the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Just by doing regular cardio, about thirty minutes of light to moderate intensity physical activity every day, can help decrease your risk of heart attack. Find a way to put a type of cardio you enjoy into your regular routine.

Include a Rest Day or Two

The final part of a balance and useful workout plan is the inclusion of a rest day or two. While you can do light cardio and activity every single day of the week, doing intense exercise, whether intense cardio, weightlifting, sports, or other forms of intensive exercise, requires some recovery time. Give yourself one or two days a week off from intense exercise to give your mind and body a chance to come back stronger.

Your health is vital to your independence. Working out is the best way that you can protect your health for the long term. Make sure that you are including these three things for a balanced and effective workout plan.

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