Your body is not a machine, it is not a sculpture, and it is not a vehicle. Your body is you, a part of your living, breathing being. This means that your body is you, and just like every other aspect of you, it can change if you apply the proper stimulus. Creating a body that you are proud of and that can accomplish everything you need it to do requires some work in the gym but is more than doable for anyone. Here are three ways that regular exercise can change your body for the better.

Increase Muscle Mass

The first way that regular exercise can change your body is by increasing your muscle mass on your body frame. As you age, you naturally begin to lose muscle mass, but a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to even more muscular atrophy and eventually leave you with mobility issues that can impede your independence. Regular exercise can increase your muscle mass by providing a growth stimulus for your muscles. Without providing stimulus to make your muscles grow they are going to shrink. The key to increasing your muscle mass at the gym is providing mechanical tension for your muscles which will make them grow.

Slow Aging

Another crucial way that regular exercise can change your body is by slowing down the aging process and its effects on your body. Aging is only natural, and there is no way to stop the aging process completely, but regular exercise is a great way to keep the effects of aging in check and slow. Cellulite is one of the most commonly cited negative impacts of aging. Some exercises can help reduce cellulite by tightening your skin. The tighter your skin is, the fewer wrinkles, marks, and cellulite spots you will have across your body.

Lose Fat

The final way that regular exercise can change your body is by losing fat. When considering your ideal physique, it is not all about muscle, but also where to eliminate fat. Obesity is a serious health issue that is impacting more and more adults every single year. With regular cardiovascular exercise, you can put your body into a calorie deficit which will allow you to shed those extra pounds and reveal a new you.

Your body is you, and you need to take care of it. Regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and change it for the better. If you want to make these three changes to your body, regular exercise is the key.

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