Taking care of your body includes maintaining a healthy diet of nutrient rich foods. However, often these foods cost more than a frugal shopper would like to spend! Don’t let the expense of healthy foods keep you from creating that healthy diet—here are a few ways to make healthy eating less expensive and more accessible to anyone.

Make a Meal Plan

Many poor food choices happen because of lack of preparation or forethought! “Fast” food is popular because it is just that—fast, easy, and simple. But devoting a little time to your food choices will curb your impulse buys! If you have predetermined what you will be eating and when, you will be able to eliminate those frustrating moments of uncertainty staring blankly into the fridge. Workweek Lunch recommends you include foods from all groups, recipes you’ll be excited about, and snacks that will sustain you until the next meal. Once you have that schedule set, it’s time to prep! Prepare meals when you have more time in the week, and store them in your refrigerator or freezer so that they are as quick and easy to access as that “fast” food, but much healthier!

Buy in Bulk

Food bought in bulk costs less per ounce or per unit than individual, smaller portions, so it’s a great method to eat healthy foods without a hit to your wallet. Buying in bulk may mean that you have more food than you are able to eat before it expires, however—if this is the case, process the food so that it can be preserved beyond the normal shelf life, using methods like drying, canning, and freezing. According to Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, processing your own food allows you to keep things shelf-stable that normally would go bad in a short amount of time, so you can buy in bulk without waste.

Buy Frozen

When you think of “healthy foods,” you likely think of fresh produce and “homemade” items. Believe it or not, foods retain the amount of nutrients in them the moment they are frozen! Also, frozen foods are often significantly cheaper than fresh foods. Performance Food Services says these products are just as beneficial to you reheated or thawed out as if they were right off the tree, the vine, or out of the ground! If you’re switching to healthy options under a tight budget, go to the frozen section for meats and produce in particular.

Don’t let the price tags on healthy options intimidate you. Meal planning, bulk buying, and using frozen products will help you get those nutrients you need without breaking your bank. Eat well and feel better with a healthier diet! 

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