and floss, just as you’ve been taught. You know that sugar is liable to cause cavities and inflammation. But beyond that, how can you affect what’s going on with your oral health? How can nutrition affect your oral health?

Neutral Foods

Having an overall alkaline diet is a food myth. According to A. Vogel, your body naturally stays at a median PH. It knows how to keep you stabilized (except if you are deathly ill). However, there are some foods that are neutral which can help you to not have ongoing damage to your teeth. Look for those things which are neither acidic nor basic. Examples can include natural starches and fats that are as close to unprocessed as possible.

Unhealthy Foods

Since childhood, you’ve had counsel to not eat sugars and unhealthy foods in order to prevent cavities. According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, an unhealthy diet can cause tooth decay. These problematic foods can include things that are sticky, like caramel, or gummy, like jellied candies. But other things which can be less healthy for your teeth include popcorns, soft drinks, wine, coffee, and citrus. Avoiding things that discolor and damage teeth can help you have less wear as you get older.

Know Your Genetics

Some things just run in the family, and this can include bad teeth! According to Colgate, while the mold and bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease can be passed by non-genetic forms, there are some folks who are just more prone to decay than others. Likewise, if you were a baby who was born after a complicated pregnancy, born early, or after hyperemesis gravitas, you could be at higher risk for poor enamel, or enamel that wears more easily.


Your beautiful smile needs to last you for a really long time!  It helps to know what things can damage teeth, and where to go to get help if you already have damage. Avoid things that are unhealthy or damaging to your teeth and keep up the brushing and flossing. Keep going to your dentist for check-ups and making sure to fix the damage that occurs. Your teeth will continue to be used for many years to come!

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