There are few things that you can do that bring more benefit to your overall health than regular exercise. Our bodies were designed to move, and the best way to keep them healthy is to keep them moving. But that being said, exercise isn’t always going to be possible or beneficial. Sometimes, you need to step back for a second and take it easy. There are certain groups that could use a breather more than others for their safety and health. Here are three groups that should take it easy when exercising to protect their health and safety.

People Recovering from an Injury

The first group of people that should definitely take it easy when exercising is people recovering from an injury. When you are exercising with an injury, you need to constantly be aware of your injury and make adjustments, modifications and changes to your exercise plan based on your body’s response. You should never feel sharp or intense pain when exercising and if you do you should stop right away. The goal is to recover from your injury, not to reinjure yourself. Make sure you are giving yourself the proper time to recover and come back strong.

Pregnant People

Another group of people that also need to take it easy when exercising is pregnant people. Exercise is good when you’re pregnant, but too much can lead to more stress. Exercising through your pregnancy is a great way to cope with stress and keep your body and baby healthy, but only in the proper doses. Intense exercise can cause unwanted consequences, including premature birth if you are going too hard. Focus on exercises that make your mind and body feel good and that aren’t too intense for your pregnant belly. Care for yourself through your exercise.

The Elderly

The final group of people that should take it easy when exercising is the elderly. While exercising during your old age helps to maintain bone and muscle mass throughout your elderly years giving you additional independence, the elderly are also a much more fragile group. Injuries from exercising for the elderly can have a much longer recovery time and can lead to long term complications for the rest of their lives. It is always best to take things easy with the elderly for exercise.

Exercise is a great way to boost your health no matter who you are. But depending on a few factors, it may be beneficial to take things easy. If you fall into one of these three groups, you should start slow and steady with your exercise to avoid injury.

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