There are dozens of factors that impact your fitness journey as you pursue your goals and make your health and fitness dreams a reality. But of all the factors, diet is perhaps the most important for encouraging and supporting your body towards its fitness goals. You are what you eat is a time-honored phrase, but what about you become what you eat? Choosing the right foods that are supporting you is just as important as knowing what foods to avoid. Here are three foods that are hindering your fitness results that you should limit in your diet for the best results.

Processed Meats

The first type of food that is hindering your fitness results is processed meats. While lean, ethically sourced meat can be a great source of protein for your body and muscles, processed meat is not the best way to go. Processed meats are typically fully of additives and preservatives and can be artificially filled with sugars and fats. Processed meats are also very high in salt which can cause water retention preventing you from leaning down the way you want to. You should be eliminating processed meat from your diet to get to your fitness goals.

White Bread

Another food item that may be seriously hindering your fitness results is white bread. White bread is made using bleached flour, which is also stripped of the bran from the wheat, which contains much of the nutritional value of grains. White bread is also more likely to cause plaque buildup on your teeth. This is because many white breads contain added sugar, which can eat away at your teeth, combine with food and cause plaque buildup. For better dental health, and a better overall health, eliminating white bread is essential.

Soda and High Calorie Drinks

The final foods that are hindering your fitness results are sodas and other high calorie drinks like alcohol. Beverages that have calories and high sugar in them are terrible for your weight since they offer next to zero nutritional value while consuming lots of calories. These calories don’t make you feel fuller or help your body perform its necessary functions. By replacing high calorie drinks with lower calorie drinks like water and tea, you are able to reclaim hundreds of calories from your meal plan for other purposes.

A key aspect of your fitness journey is your diet. Knowing the foods that are keeping you from your goals is crucial to taking strides towards your fitness goals. Try to limit your intake of these three foods to help you reach your fitness goals sooner.

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