Anyone can exercise. But sometimes certain challenges specific to individuals can get in the way, making exercise more difficult for some rather than others. While you may feel that if you have one of these factors present in your life that exercise just isn’t right for you, it’s time to open your eyes. There are hundreds of ways to get exercise, and there is a method that will work for anyone, no matter what specific challenges they face. Here are three of the most common factors that complicate your ability to exercise and how to overcome them. 

Health Conditions

When your health is suffering, it can make certain exercise options difficult or completely impossible. For instance, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, or heart disease, it can make intense cardiovascular exercise dangerous and difficult – perhaps causing a lot of frustration. But the key to overcoming chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease is exercise. Try lower intensity exercise like walking, or yoga to start, and as your health improves, work your way up, under the supervision of a trainer and your doctor, of course. 

Your Age

As we age, our body’s ability to recover from and perform high intensity exercise decreases. And while there may be nothing that can be done to stop our bodies from losing this ability, it doesn’t mean we have to stop working out completely. High intensity workout options, like running or powerlifting, may be great for the younger crowd, but at a certain age, our bodies can no longer handle the strain on the joints that high intensity training provides. So instead of giving up exercise for good, try some more low intensity exercise options. Swimming is easy on your joints, so it’s a great option for seniors. You could also try walking, water aerobics, yoga, and other less joint impactful exercise options as you age. 

Time Constraints

We live in a busy world, and if you are raising a family, working, and having a social life, it can feel like there is simply no time for the gym. But the reality is, if you prioritize your health and exercise, you will find or make the time to go to the gym and get some exercise. Try to carve out a few hours every week for you to exercise. Or try to incorporate exercise into your other activities. Go for a hike with friends or set up a standing desk with a treadmill at home so you can walk while responding to your emails. Get creative to get around time constraints. 

Exercise is one of the most important things that you can do for your long-term health and happiness. But there can be a lot of factors that get in the way of exercise for most people. Now that you know the three most common factors that complicate exercises, and how to overcome them, you are ready to take on exercise and make it a habit for life.

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