With most types of exercise, you only focus on certain parts of your body at a time. While this is a great way to strengthen specific muscles, there are benefits to working your whole body at once. Doing so can help improve your overall health and the functioning of your body.


Planking is a popular exercise because you can use your own body weight to strengthen your muscles rather than using equipment. To plank, you begin in a push-up position. You can choose to stay on your hands or you can rest on your forearms. It’s essential that your body stays in a straight line from your head to your toes. Hold this exercise as long as you can. When you plank, you are engaging several muscle groups including your back, neck, shoulders, core muscles, and your legs. You will strengthen your entire body and you will see many other benefits including improved posture.


Another popular exercise that uses your entire body is swimming. Swimming uses your whole body, exercising your arms, legs and core. This is because you are suspended in the water and need to use your entire body to move. Of course, you can also focus on specific muscles by doing different strokes if you choose. When you swim, you not only strengthen muscles but you also improve your cardio. You keep your heart rate up while swimming and, as you do it more, it improves your endurance. Swimming is also a low-impact exercise and it takes pressure off your joints.


Pilates is a form of exercise that engages your entire body in order to strengthen and tone your muscles. Similar to swimming, it is low-impact and can be done at any age. As you do pilates, you will strengthen and lengthen the muscles in your body. This helps you have better posture and it can improve the way your body functions. It will develop your core muscles, which support the functioning of the rest of the body. Pilates is an option for weight loss and it even promotes mental and emotional benefits. This is because the practice of Pilates focuses your attention which helps to center the mind and the body.  

Finding ways to work your entire body can help you to improve its functioning as a whole. You can make sure every part of you is getting the attention it needs and you can work your work to a stronger body.

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