One of the most important parts of getting healthy and losing weight is forming healthy eating habits. However, when most people think about healthy eating, they think about crazy diets and strict food limitations. The reality is that having healthy eating habits isn’t as restrictive as you’d think, and doesn’t only refer to what you eat, but also how you eat. Here are a few of the most important eating habits that you should form that will help you to improve your health.

Eat Frequent, Regular Meals

First off, it is important to eat frequent, regular meals. Some diets recommend that you fast for the majority of the day, or that you only eat a few large meals in the day. However, it is actually much healthier for you to eat regular meals frequently throughout the day. Doing so will help you to lose fat, reduce your stress levels, have more energy, be able to concentrate more easily, and more. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you should be overeating or eating constantly. It just means that you should be eating regularly enough that your body has enough nutrients to allow it to function properly.

Take Time to Eat

Next, it is important to have a designated time to eat each meal. Sometimes, you might feel like you’ll be more effective eating as you drive or eating while you work. However, when you don’t sit down and rest for a few minutes while you eat, your body won’t respond to the intake of nutrients as an actual meal. Eating on the go can cause your body to redirect energy to your muscles rather than digestion.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Finally, it is important to eat a balanced diet. This includes eating foods each day from the following food groups: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, lean proteins, and whole grains. There are lots of diets that tell you to limit your intake of grains or certain fruits or vegetables, insisting that they make you fat. But if you eat a balanced diet with each of these food groups, your body will be provided with all of the nutrients that it needs, which will help you to be healthier mentally and physically, and will also help you to resist sickness or disease.

So, as you’re setting your goals to be healthier in the coming year, don’t forget the healthy eating habits that have been discussed in this article. Remember, healthy eating doesn’t mean restricting, fasting, or starving. It means eating frequent, regular meals, taking a designated time to eat, and having a balanced diet. These are the habits that will make a true and lasting difference in your overall health.

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