You do not have to live a sedentary life just because you have an office job. In addition to being intentional about eating well and hydrating with water, being purposeful about physical activity will help you stay healthy in any work situation. Here are four ways to stay healthy while working in an office:

Strengthen Your Core

Savvy health enthusiasts harness every opportunity to improve their physical health while at the job. One of the easiest ways that you can boost your health is to strengthen your core muscles. Strengthening your core can help you correct your posture, which is extremely important in preventing back pain. Sitting on a fitness ball instead of a regular office chair can help you to strengthen your ab muscles while improving overall balance.

Find Ways to Get in Extra Steps

You do not have to engage in extended periods of exercise in order to get in your daily activity. Little steps add up over time when you are committed to being consistent with your fitness goals. Simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the farthest spot in the lot will force you to incorporate more activity into your day.

Hold Walking Meetings

You can kill two birds with one stone by holding walking meetings. Instead of holding meetings crowded around a conference room table, try motivating your colleagues to get outside and walk while you meet. Not only is walking a great form of exercise, but connecting with Mother Nature will also improve mood and boost work productivity. This type of meeting will also help to bond your team members in ways that go beyond simply sitting around a table.

Try a Standing Desk

It is no secret that sitting too much and leading a sedentary life is not good for your health. A specially designed standing desk can help you to mitigate the negative effects of sitting too long. Most models of this type of desk can be adjusted to varying heights, making it a comfortable option for everyone. Standing desks have been shown to reduce back pain, lower blood sugar levels, and more.

With a little creativity, you can incorporate a variety of exercise activities into your normal workday routine. Making the time to get up and get moving will pay off big dividends for your overall physical health and mental well-being.

Working out can be hard for many people, but having a personal trainer can help you keep you accountable to your fitness goals, and that’s where FITology Gym comes in. Check us out today!