The spread of COVID-19 has seriously disrupted our modern way of life. Sports and group activities have been cancelled. Even at the professional level, athletics is taking a break. You’ve probably started working from home, or you may be out of a job. If you’re reading this, you are doubtlessly hoping for a quick return to normal life. But is such a thing possible? It is, but there are a few things we need to do first.

Social Distancing Compliance

If we’re ever going to get COVID-19 under control, people need to get on board with social distancing. Although most young and healthy individuals are only mildly affected by the virus, this is no excuse for breaking social distancing. The virus has killed many of the young and healthy. Scientists are not exactly sure why this is the case. Even if you are lucky enough to have the mild effects, by getting in large groups you will spread the disease to many who won’t be so lucky.

People need to understand that ignoring social distancing because you’re bored is a very selfish act. There are of course situations that require this, but you should always be careful. Everyone should consider the guidelines set by their local authorities when deciding what activity is safe.

More Testing

Although all it takes is a Google search to find out the number of documented COVID-19 cases in the world, the actual tracking of the disease is much more complicated. Due to the difficulty in testing, the unfamiliarity with COVID-19 symptoms, and the varying degree of human reaction to the virus, it is not easy for the government to have an accurate count on the true number of cases. For restrictions to be lifted, there needs to be more testing available. The testing needs to be more accurate, and it needs to return faster results.

Vaccine Development

Viruses tend to attack in waves and seasons. Just because it seems like the virus is slowing down doesn’t mean that this war is over. This was just the first skirmish in what could be a very long campaign. The virus will return next year, by that time it may have evolved to be more deadly. In order to win the fight, we are going to need a vaccine. Unfortunately, vaccine development is difficult and time consuming. It may be another year before there is a commercially available option.

One of the most important things to do during this time is to not panic. Don’t stress out about the limitations you are currently experiencing. Adapt to the changes and overcome. Look for new opportunities that you are being provided as you have more time at home and with family. Society may have stopped, but your life doesn’t have to.

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