When a child asks for a snack, it can be tempting to offer them the sweetest or crunchiest thing in the pantry—especially if you have lots of cookies and crackers in there! Making sure your whole family’s nutrition is good and your diet is balanced can be hard with so many different types of people trying to live together. Though you can’t always get everyone completely eating the same things, creating a plan that is cautious of these three things will help improve the whole family’s overall health!

Added Sugars

It’s worth the reminder that sugar isn’t the greatest—but added sugar is really where you start seeing bad effects on a person’s health. Natural sugars, found in things like fruit, vegetables, and dairy, are only one ingredient among many other great components of those foods, whereas foods with added sugars tend to have much less nutritional value. It’s the difference between eating a mango and a glazed donut—in the mango, you get fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A in a little more than 100 calories. In the donut, you mostly get fat, carbs, and sugar for more than 250 calories. According to Medical News Today, there are lots of processed foods you wouldn’t suspect have added sugars, so check the ingredients to be sure. Added sugar is never a good idea for your plan.


When people consider nutrition, they often don’t make teeth a primary concern. But acidic food can wreak havoc on your dental health. According to Stellar Kids Dentistry, If your child is consuming foods and drinks with high levels of acid, such as orange juice or soda, their enamel will start to break down. Without that protective coating, you’re more likely to experience sensitive teeth and eventual dental erosion. In your family’s nutrition plan, it’s smart to limit how much fizzy liquid you all are consuming—and while fruit high in acidity is very good for you, make sure to eat it as part of planned mealtimes and opt for whole fruit, not juice.

White Flour

It may shock you, but there’s not a whole lot of good to say about this pantry staple besides the fact that it makes cookies taste really good. According to NDTV, so much food is made with white flour—and yet, it has been so refined that none of the fiber and nutrients found in wheat are left. All-purpose flour is the same thing—it just sits like glue in your intestines, slowing your metabolism and providing nothing but empty calories. But do you still want pizza, pasta, and bread in your nutrition plan? Opt for whole wheat instead!


Nutrition plans look different depending on the family. When it comes to avoiding bad ingredients, however, any family can take measures to better their health. Cut out the harmful things, and keep the good!


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