Staying active and fit while in a wheelchair can be challenging with your limited mobility. Whatever the reason is that you can’t walk on your own, there is always some way that you can be proactive about your health and fitness. Let’s look into these three different fitness tips for those that are in wheelchairs.

Setting Up a Routine

It’s important that you get a routine going when it comes to fitness. If you have some exercises that you’ve learned from a physical therapist, you should set aside time each day to get your workout in. Some people find it beneficial to get their workout completed as soon as they get out of bed. Not only will you get it out of the way, but it can get your blood flowing and help you feel your best. If you find that you feel more motivated and ready after you’ve had a meal, read the newspaper and got dressed, then feel free to schedule your workout for another point in the day. Just be sure that you schedule your workout for a time when you know you’ll have to hold yourself accountable.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

You obviously can’t get out for a vigorous run, but there are ways that you can get your heart rate going.This will help with your circulation, which can be an issue when you aren’t moving around very well. If you have the use of your upper body, use your arms to move your wheelchair around. You can head outdoors if the weather is permitting. If you have enough strength, there are wheelchair sports leagues that connect you with other people that have similar challenges but want to get a good workout in.

Be Careful When Recovering from Injury

You might be in a wheelchair because you are recovering from an injury. If you are, make sure you don’t push yourself too hard when you work out. Doing so can cause further injury. Be very cautious with your workout routine. Even if it is very basic, take extra steps to avoid aggravating an injury. You need to be careful to avoid wheelchair strains, as that can really mess up your routine. It can cause you to become even more immobile. Always check with a professional trainer or physical therapist before determining what your routine will be each day to make sure that you can know what precautions you should take.

It’s important that you aren’t too hard on yourself. Being in a wheelchair can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about taking care of yourself. By following tips like the one above, you can maintain a healthy level of fitness.