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Many people enjoy running alone. However, you are likely to get more out of your running sessions if you run with friends. There are many benefits that you can reap from being a part of a running group, but here are just a few:

Mix it Up

Many people have a favorite route that they like to run. Even though it is great to have a routine, it is important to mix it up sometimes. You will be able to mix up your training regimen by joining a running group. You will be able to run in different areas at different speeds. Mixing up your routine will allow you to get more out of your running.

Social Support

Running by yourself can lonely. You will be able to improve your fitness and socialize at the same time. You will also surround yourself with people who will motivate you and encourage you. They can help you run when you do not feel like it.


It can be easy for you to find an excuse not to run if you do it by yourself. However, a running group will hold you accountable for your actions. It is harder to skip a workout when you have a group of friends depending on you to be there.

Increased Safety

It is safer for you to run with a group. You will feel safer knowing that there will be someone there to help you if you get sick or injured. You are also less likely to get hit by a car if you run with a group — especially if you prefer to run when it’s dark out.

Access to Coaches

Many running groups today are led by coaches. The coaches can design a program that works for everyone. Coaches can give you information that will make you a better runner as well as help you hit your goals.

Varied Training

Running groups are made up of different types of runners. There are some people who prefer to run at a slower speed. Others like to push themselves to run at a faster speed. You will be able to vary your training if you are a part of a running group. You will also be able to look to other runners for a source of inspiration.


Even if you already love running, you should consider joining a club. You will be able to mix up your workouts, vary your training and get social support. You will also have access to coaches and people who can hold you accountable — everything you need to hit your goals and become the runner you dream of being.