Is There a Specific Room Temperature for a More Enjoyable Massage?

When the weather starts turning cold, clients still expect a warm, comfortable massage in an atmosphere that is temperature controlled. When someone is on a massage tablet, the person’s body tends to lower in temperature quite rapidly, while the massage therapist’s increased energy output creates emits warmth. This output brings the challenge of keeping a client as a comfortable warmth while permitting the massage therapist access to the client’s body.

Ways to Keep a Comfortable Environment

It’s essential to make sure that the massage room is heated up to a warm temperature, which should be about twenty-five degrees Celsius, or seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature regulation could also be dependent on the massage therapist’s physical size, with the patient’s body mass in consideration.

For some, the temperatures mentioned may be too warm. It’s important to remember that massage rooms can fluctuate between five to eight degrees in temperature depending on body mass of the individuals in the room. It’s also dependent on the kind of therapy that is being performed at the time, as more intensive massage therapy could increase room temperature and cause an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Massage therapists should remember, as a rule of thumb, that while performing massage therapies, they should not be sweating. Many OSHA regulations and health departments have guidelines concerning this. For some massage parlors, 69 degrees Fahrenheit may be comfortable and may help a massage therapist work at a brisk pace. In the case that difficulty is achieved in creating a warmer room within a cold climate, space heaters are very helpful. Space heaters may not be required if a massage therapist ensures that a trusted company services their heating and air conditioning units before the arrival of the day’s patients.

Tips for Massage Therapists

A massage therapist should dress in light layers that can be easily removed if needed, depending on room temperature. A small fan can be set up, and the little fan can be used to keep warm air away from the client on the massage table. The fan can also help to keep the massage therapist cool. Some massage parlors may invest in a table warmer that warms the bed thirty to forty-five minutes before the client arrives, in the case that the client prefers a heated table in a cool room. These can be covered with a fitted sheet or top sheet, that can be easily changed to maintain hygiene between clients. A massage therapy may also keep different weights of blankets on hand in case the client feels too hot or too cold.

Ultimately, it’s essential to ask the client if they are feeling comfortable and find out what the client’s needs are. Assure that no strange drafts are coming into the room. Keep massage oils warm to avoid a shock to the body. Use warm towels to keep hands warm in case hands tend to get cold.



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