Five Tips for Getting Back into a Fitness Routine

While we’d all like to think we’re consistently exercising as much as we should be, the reality is, it’s all too common to let the exercise slip by and get into the bad habit of not working out. It’s easy to lead a sedentary lifestyle, with all the negatives that go along with it. If you’re looking to get back on the proverbial horse and start working out again, here are five tips that will help you maximize your chance of sticking with a new fitness routine.

1. Start Slow

When you were working out before, you might have been going at a pretty high intensity. However, depending on how long you’ve lapsed, it’s possible your body is going to be in no shape to start back up at that same point. If you try to instantly ratchet the workout up to 11, you run the risk of burning yourself out and stopping again.

If your body is too sore or the workout hurts too much, that’s a lot of dis-incentive to keep going. Worse yet, if you push your body too hard you might hurt yourself and be unable to exercise. Start nice and easy and let your body tell you when you’re ready to start upping the intensity.


2. Have a Plan

If you want to stick with a new fitness routine, it helps to be looking ahead to more than just today. Sure, you might knock out a workout quickly, but are you going to be motivated to work out tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after?

Come up with a schedule, whether it be weekly or even monthly, for when you’re going to work out, what your routine will be each day, and rest days you’ve built in.


3. Track Your Progress

While it might seem like extra work, take a moment to make a written or computerized record of your workouts on a daily or weekly basis. Keep track of how many days you’ve worked out, and progress you’re making in terms of intensity or duration.

Creating that document gives you a sense of tangible accomplishment, which can help with motivation.


4. Pair Workout with Diet

One of the things that helps with sticking to a workout routine is seeing results. If you see yourself getting fitter, you’re more likely to keep going.

Unfortunately, adopting a fitness routine but eating unhealthily will result in a lack of visible progress. You might be healthier, but you won’t look much different. The number one weight loss factor is diet. So pair your fitness routine with healthy eating for best results. This can also be something you track, giving you greater control and independence with your fitness and diet.


5. Eliminate Negative Factors

Even beyond your diet, there are other changes you can make to help you get back to and stick with a fitness routine. Do your best to cut out the negative factors in your life that might stand between you and your best self.


Try to associate with others who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve had issues with substance abuse, Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center advises starting with detox and going slowly into any new routine. Anything you can do to point the arrow toward self-improvement in all phases of life will help you remain positive about your fitness routine.

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