About Us

FITology is an integrative Health & Fitness Center in Downtown Bethesda offering:

  • Personal Training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dietitian Services
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Sale of supplements, vitamins, and herbs
  • Health Education

More than just a gym, FITology offers an integrative approach to health in our brand new, state of the art fitness facility. We have some of the most advanced, cutting-edge fitness equipment displayed in our vibrant and energetic fitness studio. We take pride in our service. All of our Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, and Nutritionists have many years of experience under their belt. Many of them have degrees in exercise science, kinesiology, and additional advanced certifications. Each professional has a different background and specialty and we will properly match you with the right professional based on your needs. No fitness program, meal plan, and massage therapy should be the same for 2 people. The FITology program offers a very distinct, attentive and personable experience. Come Discover FITology and let us pave your path to health and fitness.


Nick Singer

CEO & Founder

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Specialties: Fat Loss, High Intensity Interval Training, Body Building, Strength Training, Power lifting, Injury rehabilitation, Nutrition

Nick is a CPA, an entrepreneur, a power lifter, a wrestler, but most of all, a health enthusiast. Nick has vast experience in training people all over the spectrum including kids, seniors, athletes, bodybuilders, people with injuries, and people who just want to lose weight or gain muscle. Nick has written hundreds of meal plans to help people reach their fitness goals. "I started learning about nutrition when I was wrestling because I had to lose weight and wanted to do so in a healthy manner," he says. Whether Nick is eating 5000 calories a day or preparing for his power lifting competitions, he is always trying to become the strongest version of himself. "You see, I'm not satisfied with just being strong. I want to be the strongest version of myself possible and to do that I need to be strong not just physically, but physiologically and energetically and then I need to share that strength by showing others how to do what I've done. Then, and only then can I consider myself the strongest version of me."


Karl Lataillade

Director of Operations

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Dotfit Nutritional Certified

Annette Lang Integrated Stretching Certified

Specialties: Weight loss, Toning, Athletic Training, Boxing Target Mitts, and Muscle Hypertrophy.

Karl grew up in Bethesda, MD. When he finished school here in Maryland, he moved to New York City. After six years in the Big Apple, Karl decided to return to the DC area and bring this knowledge and experience back home with him. Working as a Personal Trainer on Wall St., he understands and respects peoples busy schedules and hectic jobs. That is why his philosophy when he was a trainer is to make training as fun as possible, while eliminating the word can't from your vocabulary. As the Director of Operations of Fitology, Karl brings that same philosophy in trying to make Fitology a relaxed stress free environment where people can enjoy themselves while getting in shape. "As a Personal Trainer, my goal was to make exercising as fun as possible for the client. My two favorite things about training is when clients push themselves to limits that they didn't know they were capable of, and also when they get the results that they want, look and feel good about themselves and all the work they put in. I like to think of our sessions as a place to get away from it all, a place to have a good time, a place to laugh while breaking a sweat, and targeting the body parts you desire to improve on."

Victor Mendoza

Registered Massage Practitioner

Victor Mendoza is a certified member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Passionate about the healing power of massage, Victor has a special interest in the treatment of chronic and acute muscle pain caused by stress, overuse, or injury. Originally from El Salvador, he specializes in massage that heals while it relaxes, focusing on therapeutic techniques. His calm and even temperament puts clients at ease. A combination of massage techniques are picked with care for each individual client, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Myofascial Release.


Aaron Aref

Aaron Aref, Nutritionist


Aaron Aref is a certified sports nutritionist with over 8 years of experience under his belt.  He has an extensive list of accomplishments with clients.  He has helped dozens of bodybuilders get their pro card and become professionals.  He has worked with high level athletes in hockey, rugby, and MMA.  His clients include the 2013 badger state overall female physique champion and the reigning Mr. Asia bodybuilding champion.  Aaron has an extensive background in experience with helping his clients reach their goals no matter what those goals may be.  He has the ability to work with the full spectrum of body types due to his years of experience in the field.

Donna Gitt

Dietetic Internship- NIH

DPD in Nutrition and Dietetics- Immaculata University

Certified Personal Trainer- The Aerobic and Fitness Association of America

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified- American Red Cross

TRX Certification- YMCA

Weight Loss and Weight Management, Aerobic Fitness, Cardio Endurance and Plyometric Training, Strength and Lean Mass Building, Core Development, Performance Driven Functional Training, Half and Full Marathon Training

I have been a certified personal trainer for two years and a nutritionist for four years. I have worked with multiple clients of all different ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals. My personal training philosophy is holistic and supportive in nature, and I make it my priority to help clients break their long term goals in to smaller, measurable outcomes because I have found this to be the most successful approach to total health in both my personal and professional life. Personal health and fitness can be achieved and maintained at any life stage with a little bit of the right guidance.


EJ Mecklenberg

B.S. in Health Promotion from American University

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Certified Functional Movement Specialist through Gray Cook

Certified Reactive Training Specialis through Gray Cook

Student of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute

EJ’s interest in health in fitness stretches way back, starting with playing year-round sports in high school. However, it wasn’t really until college that EJ started to workout seriously in order to get bigger and stronger. EJ wrestled in college and trains in Jiu Jitsu at least five days a week. He’s also progressed into Thai boxing training and eventually became interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). EJ now specializes in functional movement training, injury prevention, and post rehabilitation training. He applies functional human movement to all aspects of fitness, whether it be mobility, acceleration/deceleration, power, and core strength.