There are many people all over the world who are committed to staying fit, but they struggle to overcome obstacles while pursuing a slimmer body. Sometimes, having the motivation is not enough. If you are experiencing great difficulty reaching your fitness goals, consider this advice to identify and get over those major roadblocks that may be limiting your level of success.

Lack of Variety in Your Workouts

Many people believe that as long as they work out, they can lose weight, but there is an exception to the rule. Committing to the same old workout routine week after week can actually decrease your rate of weight loss. If you find that your exercise program is becoming less effective, you should definitely consider switching up your workout routine to include a variety of exercise forms. When your body is forced to adjust to the changes, weight loss can naturally increase.

Integrating multiple types of activities such as high interval training, weightlifting, and cardiovascular exercises ensures that your body does not become used to your workout plan. You can also try outdoor activities like swimming, jogging, cycling, or hiking. Taking a dancing or yoga class is another alternative to blaze the trail for better weight loss.


Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many people do not realize that the lack of sleep can actually make it harder to lose weight. A study done by the International Journal of Endocrinology declares that less than eight hours of sleep per night can actually increase your BMI (body-mass index). The lack of sleep over time can also destroy your metabolism, which is key to maintaining a healthy BMI throughout your life.

Sleep is a reserved period in which your body rejuvenates itself, and much of your digestion is completed in the process. If you are only getting a few hours of sleep per night, you may be making your body work overtime to lose weight and unintentionally sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night to help you reach your fitness goals.


Buildup of Foreign Substances in Your System

The prevalence of any form of toxic buildup inside your body can complicate your weight loss efforts. Regardless of how hard you exercise or diet, if there is an overabundance of foreign substances in your system, they can block the natural flow of weight loss. Also, some forms of medicine and supplements in your body can make it more difficult to lose weight normally. Consider asking your doctor to switch your medical prescription, if possible, to another formula that does not conflict with your ability to lose weight. Evaluate whether any supplement you may take is hindering your weight loss.

Shape Magazine affirms that your liver is responsible for removing toxins and improving digestion, but an overworked liver can lead to a toxic buildup increase in your body. Integrating unprocessed, organic foods into your diet can help you avoid the consequences of toxic buildup. Performing a body cleanse can rejuvenate your liver and help you release the chemicals and bacteria that may be preventing you from shedding those unwanted pounds.


Overeating Regularly

The lack of portion control is one of the biggest obstacles to a successful diet and fitness plan. The majority of people who struggle with weight loss on a fitness plan may not even realize that they are consuming additional servings with every meal. Consuming beverages with high fructose corn syrup, sweetened fruit juices, and loaded coffee and cappuccinos can add a few hundred calories to every meal. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day ensures that your body flushes out toxins. Water is also a calorie-free beverage. To stay within your daily target calorie range, you must understand how to measure the size of your portions by studying and following the nutrition labels on everything you consume. Eating on a smaller plate is one strategy that you can use to reduce overeating. Using a kitchen scale to weigh out portions of food is another method to avoid consuming more than a serving during each meal.

Many weight-loss hopefuls gratify themselves by consuming cheat meals while engaged in a fitness plan. Although a cheat meal occasionally is OK, do not allow overindulgence to prevent you from reaching your fitness objectives. If you allow yourself to eat a cheat meal every other day, you may actually be cancelling out the loss of calories you had from the day before, thus sabotaging your own efforts. Taking control and limiting cheat days to once per week can help you stay on track with your fitness goals.


Starving Yourself to Accelerate Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and keep it off successfully, you must avoid starving yourself at all costs. When you refuse to eat, your body goes into survival mode in an attempt to store fat and nutrients since it does not know the next time you will eat. This primitive mechanism allowed our human ancestors to survive for weeks without eating as they sought shelter and roamed to better pastures.

These days, it is a biological response that prevents you from losing weight, especially if you resort to crash diets that require a level of starvation to work. What is worse is that the moment you stop using any crash diet, the weight can come back faster and bring extra pounds with it. Avoid using any fad diets that do not contain the fundamental cornerstones of a balanced diet plan to maintain your health and usher greater weight loss success into your life.


The ability to accomplish your fitness goals and live a healthier, more confident life is a benefit that you can realistically attain with hard work and focus. If you suffer from depression or any other mental illness that goes untreated, it can make it more challenging to stick to your goals long enough to attain the results you desire. The fear of failing on your diet plan can cause you to overeat and break your commitment to your fitness plan. If you stay positive and consistent, you can achieve success. Reaching your fitness goals is a long-term process that requires dedication and the development of solid fitness habits over time. Do not expect to reach your fitness goals overnight, but treat fitness as a priority pursuit. Remember that embracing a diet and exercise plan as part of your daily life instead of just an avenue for losing weight is vital for ultimate success.