It seems like every couple months there’s some new health trend that’s shaking the industry. Part of this can be attributed to advertising and marketing, but others are much more based in scientific and health advances realizing that something is or isn’t helpful. We’re going to take some time to talk about some of those healthcare and fitness topics that are becoming more and more popular, and why you should keep an eye on them.


It may seem strange to put yourself in freezing conditions, whether it’s a cold room or a tub of cold water and holding yourself in it for an extended length of time, but it’s becoming more and more popular. The most common kind of cryotherapy is going to a facility, usually in a spa, and sitting/standing in a cryotherapy booth for 3-5 minutes. They then step out and let their body rise back to a healthy temperature. But some people have found a similar effect from going swimming in cold natural water.

Many people who frequently do cryotherapy claim that even if it’s a couple of minutes of difficulty or physical strain it can actually have immense physical and mental health benefits. Not only can it help with many problems you are currently experiencing, but it could also help prevent yourself from many ailments. Some of the main benefits are revolving around pain relief, muscle healing, reducing inflammation, boosting mental awareness and attention, reducing mental health problems symptoms that come from depression and anxiety, and can even help in weight loss. With all of these benefits in mind, it’s going to be interesting to watch this trend as it grows and is studied more.

Cannabinoids and CBD Oil

The cannabis industry has expanded massively in 2018. One of the reasons why there has been so much surrounding the subject is the legalization of medical marijuana in most of the states. A lot of revelations about cannabis from the scientific communities have shed new light on cannabis, and it is dawning on most people that the plant could be by far more beneficial than how harmful it has been thought to be in the past. There’s been so much fervor about the topic that many websites devoted to news surrounding CBD have begun to crop up all over the internet.

There are more than 100 cannabinoids that have been discovered up to now other than the most famous, THC and CBD. The others haven’t received as much research in the past, but there is a lot of research which needs to be done on them because they could hold the key to the treatment of many health conditions. According to Assisted Living Center, marijuana can actually have a positive effect on Alzheimer’s, and might even help people with young-onset Alzheimer’s manage their disease. With time, more people will accept the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of diseased. It has also been found that CBD oil can assist in recovery times between workouts because it is an anti-inflammatory. Others are also claiming that CBD and other products like this can help individuals with alcohol dependence or drug addiction because it can help reduce pain and anxiety, which are some of the leading causes for people turning to these substances.

Intermittent Fasting

Getting trim and fit are almost universally at the top of people’s desires. People want to look good, and to feel good about themselves. One of the most interesting health and fitness related topics to come from this desire is intermittent fasting. For those who are unaware of the basics of intermittent fasting goes like this. There are certain times that you are allowed to eat (some even saying you can pretty much eat whatever you want), and times you are not allowed to eat at all. Some people swear by a 12-on 12-off system, others prefer to fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8, and some even go as far as fasting several days in a row. Obviously, in those instances where people are going several days in a row, they are allowed to eat a very low-calorie diet, usually around 500 or 600 calories a day.

The science seems to be behind this particular diet with many studies being conducted to find the effectiveness and safety of such diets. Many scientists and researchers have published that fasting can make cells repair faster, removing toxins from the body, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, and naturally help you lose weight and more. It may seem a bit preposterous, but it makes sense in a way. Healthline explains that fasting allows your body to rest and repair itself. Even if you don’t decide to do an intermittent fasting diet like this, research has found that going for an extended period of time every couple weeks or months will help your body reset itself.

As you can see, there are many fascinating developments in the world of healthcare and fitness right now. It’s important to do your research before diving head first into any new experimental treatment or procedure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t research and find out new things and see if they might work for you!

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